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Advanced Instruments Distributor - Southeast United States


Analytical Industries Inc. was founded by individuals whose entire work experience centered on the design, manufacture and application of electrochemical galvanic fuel cell type oxygen sensors and analyzers. The extent of their expertise includes the development of the patents (original and most recent) and proprietary manufacturing processes; pioneering the application and sample conditioning considerations; and, a thorough understanding of the competition.

Formed in 1994, Analytical Industries Inc. started with a clean sheet of paper, 60 years of combined experience (which has grown to over 100 years) and devoted the entire first year in business to R&D for the sole purpose of advancing the existing sensor technology.

Analytical Industries Inc., doing business in the industrial marketplace under the trade name Advanced Instruments Inc., have earned a reputation around the world for innovative solutions to gas analysis that encompasses the design and manufacture of advanced oxygen sensors and analyzer platforms, a passion for consistent quality and superior customer support. As a result, we have become a leading worldwide supplier of oxygen sensors and oxygen analyzers to the industrial process control, natural gas, medical and diving industries.

The ability to develop and offer electrochemical sensor based oxygen analyzers for measurements ranging from less than one PPB to 100% pure oxygen establishes Analytical Industries Inc. as unique in the global marketplace. Recently, new detectors and related analyzers for measuring other gases such as carbon monoxide, combustibles, carbon dioxide, helium and hydrogen sulfide have been added to the company's ever growing product line.

Advanced Instruments 2855 Metropolitan Place Pomona, CA 91767 USA

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Advanced Instruments Products

Advanced Instruments does not have any products featured at this time.

Sample Advanced Instruments Part Numbers:


 FLTR- 1036,




 FMTR-1007-1 ,

 GPR-1500 DN ATEX,


 FLTR-1036 ,






 GPR-2800AIS Percent O2 Transmitter- ATEX ,


 Encl-1079 ,

 PUMP 1002-1 ,



 AII-3000 A,


 A-2166-5 GP