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Southeast United States


BUCHER HYDRAULICS Distributor - Southeast United States


For more information, please call Cross Fluid Power: 336.856.6985 serving WV, VA, NC, SC, GA, AL,TN, MS; visit our website or email

Bucher Hydraulics is an international leading provider of innovative hydraulic drive and control technologies for mobile and industrial hydraulic applications.

Contributing high levels of technical expertise, we support our clients' product development activities from the initial project phase to the finished machine.

We can provide valuable help in creating very advanced machinery that features stringent technical demands and exacting quality standards

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BUCHER HYDRAULICS does not have any products featured at this time.

Sample BUCHER HYDRAULICS Part Numbers:




 HDS 21/8,

 HDS 21/9,




 200072518001 ,

 HDS15/6 T05 RV22 P15 (5) K205 CE01E-13 ,

 HDS30/1 T04 RV17 P08 A263-13 L100-AL001,




 HDM11S/3 K02 RV15 ACC01 L100 AL001,

 HDM11S/3 K02 RV15 GAA01 L100 AL001 ,

 HDM11S 3 RV15 K02 A03 A01 G01 L100 AL001,

 HDM11S 1 RV15 K12 C01 L100 AL001  ,

 HDM11S/3 K02 RV15 C03 A01 G01 L100 AL001 ,

 HDM11S/1 RV15 K12 C02 L100 AL001  ,

 HDM11S/3 RV15 K02 C03 A01 S01 L100 AL001,

 HDM140 K05 RV15 C02 L100 AL001  ,












 HDS20/1 w/relief,

 HDS15/6 with mid-tank and dual inlet,

 HDS15/2 with mid-tank and dual relief,






 AP212/19-Double Kut Kwick,

 HDM11/3 - Operator Station,

 HDM 18.3