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DYNASONICS Distributor

Southeast United States


DYNASONICS Distributor - Southeast United States


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Dynasonics Ultrasonic Flow Meter in easy to order kits!

When we opened our ultimate goal was to make your search, selection and ordering easy for a high performance ultrasonic flow meter. When your application calls for either portable ultrasonic flow meter, inline flow meters or a clamp on flow meter in a transit time or Doppler technology flow meter, we're the easy source!

You know and understand your process, why should stores make it difficult for you to order a Dynasonics ultrasonic flow meter? was created so you could quickly and with all the facts available, make an informed purchasing decision on your ultrasonic flow meter needs.

Our ultrasonic flow meter kits are set up so you can see exactly what size pipe each meter kit will measure. Not only do we offer clamp on flow meter kits, we also, have inline flow meters, BTU meters, Doppler flow meter kits and a wide assortment of portable ultrasonic flow meter kits.

Dynasonics offers the most comprehensive line of ultrasonic transit time and Doppler flow meters in the world. These meters include clamp-on, non-invasive flow meters that require a good acoustical path between the outside of the pipe and the liquid inside. In some instances, such as non-saturated concrete pressure pipe, ultrasonic energy will not readily pass. For these installations, Dynasonics offers an insertion Doppler probe. Please consult a Flow Specialist to discuss Dynasonics products in your flow measurement application.

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Sample DYNASONICS Part Numbers:












 DT94-020-N-000-F ,


 DUFX 1-F1-CE,





 DUFX 1-F1,


















 Project Estimate Dynasonics,











































 DUFX 1-D-1,


 DDFXD2-ANNA-NN + DT9-4-020-N000-N,



 Rental TFX,