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Cross Company Pairs Hughes Safety Showers And Banner Wireless Monitors

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Cross Company Pairs Hughes Safety Showers And Banner Wireless Monitors

Cross Company Pairs Hughes Safety Showers And Banner Wireless Monitors

Cross Company’s Instrumentation Group, the premier provider of safety instrumentation in the Tennessee an Northern Alabama areas, announces the launch of a safety product offering unique to Cross customers. This offering will protect employees and satisfy OSHA auditors: Updated Hughes Safety Showers combined with Banner Wireless Monitors. This combination will automate reporting, allow for centralized status monitoring, and instant usage alerts within a 6 mile radius.

Knoxville, TN (CROSSCO) August 8, 2012 - The Cross Instrumentation Group is pleased to announce a new and convenient solution combining 2 great products from Banner and Hughes. Monitor your Hughes Safety Showers and Eye Wash Stations with a Banner Wireless Monitor to have instant access to vital information, such as recent/immediate activation, water pressure, and OSHA mandated and ANSI defined temperatures.

Cross Company’s Instrumentation group has long supplied the Tennessee area’s manufacturing and production facilities with equipment designed to increase productivity and promote safety. Incorporating two highly reputed product lines – Hughes and Banner – is a natural, yet unique, offering only found with Cross Instrumentation. This partnership will provide users with the ability to more efficiently manage a facility’s safety showers, which will decrease the likelihood of malfunction or preventable injury during an emergency situation.

OSHA has increased its audits targeted specifically at facility safety showers, so upgrade to a newer, better designed safety shower to protect facility employees. The introduction of Banner Wireless Monitors allows for digital, automated reports that will alert facility safety managers if a shower has been used, maintained, neglected, or requires repair.

Several questions that require answer:

• Does the shower water meet the proper OSHA temperature range?
• Has the station been flushed in the last 14 days per OSHA regulations?
• Can the shower or wash station provide 15 minutes of continuous water at a required pressure?
• If the shower or wash station is used, will it actually be reported?

Additional features of a Cross Instrumentation solution using Hughes and Banner products is a visual indicator on the shower showing any usage – in real time. Install an alarm monitor or a light monitor to alert employees or security personnel whenever a safety shower is engaged. The audio or visual alarms can be sent over a 6 mile radius, which provides the flexibility to alert nearby personnel and/or facility emergency response teams. This usage will be logged into an automated report.

Lastly, the Banner monitors will eliminate the need to physically check each station on a constant basis, freeing up a facility safety manager to focus on other safety issues.

These custom solutions utilize the Banner DX80 series monitors plus the Hughes EXP-18G/45G-T unheated emergency shower with covered eye and face wash station. Additional Banner and Hughes products are available for each unique situation.

For facilities with recently upgraded safety showers, Cross Instrumentation can retrofit Banner monitors onto existing stations, or replace an open wash station with a covered one.

Call the Instrumentation Group in TN @ 865-966-0969 or email:


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