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Honeywell Acquires Iris Flame Monitors

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Honeywell Acquires Iris Flame Monitors

Honeywell Acquires Iris Flame Monitors

We are pleased to share with you that IRIS Systems has been acquired by Honeywell International.
The IRIS portfolio of products is very complementary to Honeywell's line of combustion products.

IRIS Systems manufactures a range of Flame Monitoring Systems, consisting of a Viewing Head, or Flame Scanner, and a Signal Processor. These Flame Monitors or Scanners are used in the Petro-chemical, Pulp and Paper, Power Generation industries, as well as applications where the detection, monitoring and control of furnaces and boilers are required.

The IRIS product range include both Ultraviolet and Infrared Viewing Heads, single, dual and three channel Signal Processors and Flare Stack Monitors. To further enhance these products, we also manufacture Fiber Optic extensions for tilting burners, and to monitor flame in hostile environments where higher temperatures and accessibility are problems.

IRIS also manufactures Infrared Non-contact Temperature Measurement Pyrometers designed for use in the sulfur recovery process and other applications requiring remote non-contact temperature measurement. In addition, we provide a range of High Tension and High Energy Pilot Igniters, a complete line of mounting accessories, software programs for set-up and monitoring, and burner management systems.

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