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Parker Eth Cylinder With High-speed Ball Screw Leads

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Parker Eth Cylinder With High-speed Ball Screw Leads

Parker Eth Cylinder With High-speed Ball Screw Leads

Among the Highest Force Density in its Class

Parker's new ETH electro thrust cylinder allows users to solve applications that require even higher speeds and accelerations than ever. It provides up to 5 times the force or up to 10 times the life (vs. comparable electric cylinders in the same ISO size). And its user-friendly design comes in a range of configurations to meet your specific requirements.

Typical ETH Applications include:
- test equipment and laboratory
- valve and flap actuation
- pressing
- packaging machinery
- food & beverage process automation
- material handling and feed systems including: wood & plastic working, vertical actuators for machine tool loading, textile tensioning, gripping, automotive component transport / feeding

Typical ETH Harsh Environment Solutions:
- oil-splash lubrication
- customized mountings and rod ends
- mounting of customer motors
- hardened cylinder protection for aggressive environmental conditions
- overlong, polished or chrome-plated thrust rods
- rod bellows
- more!

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