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Rig Protection Device Protecting Personnel From Hazardous Gases

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Rig Protection Device Protecting Personnel From Hazardous Gases

Rig Protection Device Protecting Personnel From Hazardous Gases

The Rig Protector package is a wireless detection and monitoring system that warns of hazardous gas levels. The compact, easy-to-install package critically monitors up to four points and can transmit data as far as 3 miles. It is ideally suited for detecting and monitoring gases to include hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia and certain combustibles. Flexible mounting and power supply options make it suitable for monitoring perimeters, mobile work sites including HAZMAT facilities, rigs, disaster responses, and many more.

The ST-90 Quad site controller activates relays for strobes, horns, fans, shut down and other alarm events. Our ST-71 and ST-72 controllers provide receiver functions for up to 64 Channels from Rig Protectors.

RC Systems has engineered and manufactured industrial electronic products for the instrumentation industry since 1979. As critical alarm monitoring experts, we specialize in interfacing various sensors and analyzer devices to our alarm and display products. Our products are known for their reliability, performance, and ease of use for applications where maintenance and safety are crucial.

Some of these applications include fixed and temporary ambient gas detection as well as numerous other multi signal monitoring applications. In addition, we provide various solutions for hard wire or wireless systems. Our wireless monitoring ability/strategy continues to provide recognized solutions for countless customers worldwide.

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